CÉIM Leader Training

For 2023/24 CÉIM leaders, 2.25 days of mandatory training need to be completed. All training elements must be completed in full. Training will comprise of two parts. Part A will comprise of 2 short online workshops during the week of 8-12 May and 3 hours of self-directed e-learning over the summer. Part B will involve 1 day of training between 1-3 September. There will also be 2 hours of health and wellbeing training run by the Student Counselling Service during the week of 4 September.

The CÉIM Leader training is highly participative. Active engagement is expected from all participants. Training is focused on group discussion and experiential learning, including modelling behaviours, small group work and hypothetical scenarios to enable leaders to feel confident and comfortable in running CÉIM sessions. Former CÉIM student leaders have rated this training highly.

Topics covered in the training include: 



    • Background to peer learning, facilitation, questioning and communication skills 
    • Icebreakers, structuring group discussions and group dynamics 
    • Effective listening, creating an inclusive learning environment, difficult incidents/challenges, boundary setting 
    • Benefits of group work, thinking, learning and mindsets and the 1st year experience, student supports and services 
    • Process – session planning, session topics, weekly meetings 



The 2-hour health and wellbeing training focuses on student supports available on campus, student communication and interactions, boundary setting and how best to ensure your wellbeing as CÉIM leaders. In addition, CÉIM leaders will need to complete an 3 online-based modules during the summer that encompasses key logistics for running effective CÉIM sessions and technology used in CÉIM sessions.