Who's Involved in CÉIM?

CÉIM is a partnership between 1st year students, 2nd and 3rd year student leaders, discipline-specific academic staff and the Students’ Union. This is what the various people involved in CÉIM do:

1st Year Students

  • Attend and fully participate in a one-hour session each week
  • Collaborate and share ideas with others in the group
  • Take responsibility for their own learning
  • Be open to new ways of doing things

Student Leaders

  • Attend and participate in a two-day training course
  • Plan, develop and run a one-hour CÉIM session each week with 1st year students
  • Take part in weekly debriefing and training sessions with other student leaders and staff
  • Encourage 1st years to attend CÉIM sessions
  • Collaborate with other Student Leaders, staff and 1st year students to create a dynamic and useful learning environment targeted to the needs of 1st years
  • Share learning and experiences of CÉIM with others

The Academic Lead

  • Acts as the main College/School contact for CÉIM
  • Provides academic support for the initiative
  • Liaises between student leaders and College management, and relays information about CÉIM at course and departmental meetings
  • Liaises with other academic staff as necessary
  • Attends CÉIM debriefing sessions with student leaders to discuss session progress and upcoming topics
  • Promotes the scheme to students and staff

College/School Administrative Team

  • Assists with logistical aspects of the CÉIM scheme, such as communication, room booking, and timetabling
  • Oversees data gathering and collation for evaluation purposes

The Students’ Union CÉIM Director

  • Coordinates the day-to-day running of CÉIM
  • Promotes the initiative in collaboration with the Academic Lead and other staff
  • Organises training of student leaders
  • Attends weekly debriefing meetings with student leaders and staff
  • Supports student leaders with practical matters
  • Visits each group a number of times to provide feedback to student leaders
  • Organises evaluation of the CÉIM scheme and dissemination of the findings

The Students’ Union CÉIM Administrator

  • Provides administrative support for the programme
  • Liases with student leaders and staff
  • Collates attendance data

The Students’ Union

The Student Union is involved because CÉIM:

  • Is a student-led activity
  • Takes a holistic approach to the student experience
  • Supports students to develop as successful and independent higher education learners
  • Encourages students to draw on their own resources and those of their peers to shape and improve their university experience


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