Take Part

Who can take part in CÉIM?

CÉIM is available to 1st year students studying the following subjects:

  • Engineering & Construction Management
  • Geography
  • Law (all programmes including BA Law)
  • Political Science & Sociology
  • Psychology
  • Science
  • New for 2022/23: Spanish

How to take part

To find out what CÉIM group and Cairde group you are in and when your weekly peer learning sessions take place, you need to log into the YourSpace student portal and click on CÉIM a few days before your sessions are due to start.

You have been assigned to a Cairde group, more info can be found here.

In semester 1, CÉIM sessions start in week 2 of lectures for Engineering/PCM, CÉIM sessions will start in week 3 for all other subjects. 

Timetabled and attendance taken
CÉIM weekly peer learning sessions are timetabled. Sessions run for 45 minutes. Attendance is taken.

Times of CÉIM sessions in Semester 1

Please note that you have been assigned to a group that meets at a specific time on a weekly basis.
Log into the YourSpace student portal and click on CÉIM in the left-hand menu a few days before your sessions start to see when and where your CÉIM sessions will take place and to connect with students in your Cairde group​.

DisciplineSession day/timeStart Date
Construction Management​Tues, 3pm​Tues, 3 Oct
Engineering​Wed, 3pmWed, 4 Oct

Law & Business – Mon, 1pm

Law & Human Rights – Wed, 11am

Law, Criminology and Criminal Justice – Wed, 11am

BCL – Wed, 11am



Political Science & Sociology ​




Wed, 3pm

Thurs, 4pm​

Wed, 12 Oct

Thurs, 13 Oct

BA Law​Wed, 4pmWed, 12 Oct


Check out the video below for top tips for attending CÉIM sessions: